Ltwid Auction House: the benchmark for fans of historic and vintage design

Ltwid Auction House is a young company in the auction field that specializes mainly in historic and vintage design. The auction house was founded by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field, accumulated over the past 30 years.

The founders of Ltwid Auction House, through their previous work in other auction houses, participation in industry fairs and events, and selling and buying thousands of items around the world, have built a network of contacts with other experts in the field. Through this network they can recover and get design pieces both classic and iconic as well as unique and rare.

The goal of the auction house is to introduce historic and vintage design to the public and make it mainstream. The auction house aims to highlight products of high quality and unique beauty from past eras, which have often influenced the customs and habits of societies. In addition, in line with current environmental awareness, the auction house also wants to promote the use of vintage products as a sustainable alternative to buying new products. Ltwid Auction House not only caters to industry experts such as dealers, interior designers, or architects, but is open to anyone who appreciates vintage design, and in particular the history, beauty, and design innovation of products from bygone eras.

In summary, Ltwid Auction House is a young entity with a long experience and a solid network of contacts in the design industry, with the goal of making these unique and valuable pieces known and appreciated by the public, promoting their use as a sustainable alternative for interior design.